Curtains Drapery Pleated blinds

With fantastic curtains and drapery each room acquires its glamour factor. In minimalist homes, inviting curtains and drapery bring a welcoming feel-good factor while luxurious ones produce “the Wow Effect”. The stylish roller blind systems are really cool.

Gardienen 001

Gardienen 001

Roman blinds, Cloud shades or Pleated Blinds when made from the finest materials are frequently a good alternative to a curtain.

In our own workshop the curtains and drapery are made to measure. In this way and with a cross-cutting system I am able to ensure that the curtains and drapery are delivered with the exact length requested. Those curtains where the accent is on lightness and fineness are then provided with a blind hem stitch. Moreover, there is no visible seam and the curtains are able to fall in a light and airy manner.

When the curtain material so requires, we wash the material before working on it in order to prevent subsequent shrinking.

The professional mounting of the curtain rods or track systems with the appropriate curtain designs frame your windows in a special way. Indeed, to plan the curtains and drapery in your home and to customise them to your requirements is an art in itself. It is important to me that our work – and the results of our work – precisely correspond to your wishes. The briefing concerning the correct product care takes place orally and also in writing. This is to ensure that your satisfaction with the window treatment is long-lasting.